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Dealing with Failure: The Guide on How to Make the Most of Your Mistakes

„During our younger years, we often believe that doing poorly on a test or assignment can ruin our lives. Later, if we fail to get accepted into a certain college or university, everything seems to go downhill. Even minor miscommunications with parents can frustrate us. And when we are rejected by a significant other, we can feel almost physical pain.

That said, every failure becomes an opportunity when approached with the proper attitude. Moreover, your school years offer unique opportunities to learn from your mistakes without severe consequences. Every time you try again after a failure, you become a better version of yourself.“

Ein umfangreicher Artikel auf einer Plattform. Stephen Abram hat darauf hingewiesen.


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Proaktive Methoden, um außerhalb des Jobs sich Kompetenzen anzueignen

In einem Forbes-Blog haben die Mitglieder eines „Forbes Coaches Council“ zwölf Vorschläge aufgeschrieben, wie man außerhalb des Jobs sich proaktiv Kompetenzen aneignen kann.
[Falls es Ihnen Mühe macht, das auf Englisch zu lesen: hat sich in letzter Zeit als ein gutes Übersetzungstool herausgestellt]

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ARL: Strategic Thinking & Design Montage

This montage provides an overview of the strategic thinking and design process undertaken by ARL in 2013-2014. The video includes clips from an interview with ARL executive director Elliott Shore and consultant Ann Pendleton-Jullian as well as selected footage from various design studio sessions and regional design meetings conducted across the US and Canada.

Kaylyn Groves, Communications Program Officer at ARL, has more (including presentations and video) in her report, ARL Membership Refines Strategic Thinking and Design at Spring 2014 Meeting

See Also: ARL Strategic Thinking & Design 
Includes reports from design meetings and studios.

[via Infodocket von Gary Price]

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